So what exactly is ePublishing?

In a broad form, electronic publishing is basically a buzzword used for digital format of books (what we call eBooks), journals, magazines, reports, etc. that are stored in an electronic form. Think of eReaders when you think of ePublishing. It’s the ability to carry around a thin, lightweight device that holds your entire book collection – from fiction/nonfiction books to online magazines and newspapers.

A few memorable dates on the phases of ePublishing (don’t worry, we won’t be quizzing you on this):

  1. Up until the early 1990s, good old print based publications dominated the book industry. During the early 1990s, it started to become more common to publish work on media such as CD-ROMs.
    Although print may be “old” it’s still “good”! Don’t forget that it’s still fun to fill your bookshelf with a vast collection of colourful books and magazines rather than have one sad eReader sitting on it. Long live print!


  2. From the mid 1990’s to the early 2000’s was a period of confusion for ePublication. Since it was the time of transition to the new information era, there were many legal, business, and technical challenges. Nevertheless, e-publishing on formats such as HTML, Word, PDF, Postscript, and XML became increasingly popular.
  3. From the early 2000’s, we started seeing some strong electronic publishing drive happening. Digital versions of information were starting to outsell and outperform their older equivalents.

Source: Key Issues in Electronic Commerce and Electronic Publishing

The ePub industry reaches a large audience across the globe in a cost effective manner. Books and other publications are no longer required to go through the lengthy process of being properly printed and distributed. With the ePublishing technology, authors often get the chance to self-publish their work and distribute them in a matter of minutes. Of course, it depends on how they choose to distribute their work using various ePublishing services, but we will get to that later.

eBooks are also particularly gaining popularity in the education area and again the main reason is cost. Students are now finding it easier and cheaper to buy course-related eBooks online rather than spend a lot of money on hard copies.

Today, ePublishing has moved past the stage of mainly text-based stand-alone publication ways and it is now transforming to incorporate rich multimedia options. It is offering increased interactivity with its users making it not only a resourceful way for you to carry information but also a fun way to contribute to others who may enjoy the same books as you!

Until next time,

The ePugs


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